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Carl Götz in Ammerbuch

Today's branch in Ammerbuch was founded in Stuttgart in 1964. In 1972 the branch moved to Böblingen, where the company was expanded continuously during the following years. As this growth had led to a shortage of space a parcel of land was bought in the industrial area Hagen in Ammerbuch-Altingen in 1995. In the subsequent years a new building was established, where the company moved into in 1999. The premises of approx. 15,000 sq m include a big exhibition for floors, ceilings and doors. The workforce consists of approx. 35 employees. We offer a wide range of timber products in our warehouse, e.g. wood-based boards, sawn timber, structural solid timber, patio decking, doors, parquet, laminate, various accessories, etc. Having our own vehicle fleet we are able to deliver the goods to you within a few days. Furthermore, thanks to the weekly internal exchange of goods within the so-called "south rail", goods stored in Ulm or Munich can be delivered at short notice.

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