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Carl Götz in Berlin

For decades, the Berlin branch has been a reliable partner for the cabinetmaker's trade. Thanks to our wide range of board materials, edge materials and sawn timber we can meet a broad range of needs of this trade in Berlin and Brandenburg. But also new and innovative materials such as lightweight construction boards, insulation made of ecological and regrowing raw materials, new surface structures for coated boards, perforated decorative boards and individual prints of requested designs are only a small selection of our continuously growing expertise.Since 2007 we have been delivering successfully to our customers in the wood construction business. In addition to classical wood construction products we offer planned and cut to size joinings. In recent years we have considerably expanded our doors division in particular; hence a wide range of white-painted and CePal doors, white-painted style doors but also door blanks with MDF decking is available to our customers.
Upon consultation our exhibition "Wohnwelt - Wand, Boden und Türen" (Interior environments - walls, floors and doors) can be visited around the clock. Please ask our staff, we would be pleased to advise you.


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