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What is the German Timber Trade Federation (GD Holz)?

It is the statutory responsibility of the German Timber Trade Federation to support the general non-material and economic interest of the domestic and foreign trade in wood-based materials and wooden architectural elements.

The term "support" used in this connection indicates that the federation does not regard its work as a lobby federation and an external representative of its members in the first place. It rather considers itself as a service provider in a broader sense and especially as an internal service provider concentrating on wood and woodwork. The nature of GD Holz is rather a professional federation than a lobby federation.

The remit of its work aims to contributing to their member companies' ability to sell more timber and timber products. Its role as a virtual "staff division" of small and medium-sized, predominantly family-run businesses determine its structure and its main spheres of activity.

Carl Götz is proud that its managing director, Mr Philip Zumsteg, has been elected chairman of GD Holz and hence could perhaps help to ensure that the trade in our wonderful material wood becomes even more interesting for us and our retail partners.


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