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Acoustics at Carl Götz

Today's architecture uses a lot of sound-amplifying materials like stone, concrete, glass and aluminium. It is thus necessary to integrate sound-absorbing materials to create pleasant room acoustics.
Not only must these sound-absorbing materials meet technical requirements, they also have to leave space for the architect's design.
Carl Götz's "Alpha Akustik" element fulfils this double function: acoustics and design.
"Alpha Akustik" elements can be used as ceiling or wall claddings or simply as a furniture door.
The "Alpha Akustik" elements can be built in as perforated boards or as slotted boards and are available with either veneered or varnished decor surface.

You can get our support:

  • When selecting the most appropriate materials and surfaces
  • When customizing acoustics elements according to your demands
  • In case of order-specific production up to moulded parts
  • With regard to delivery of patterns upon consultation

Further details regarding acoustics can be found in our Acoustics Manual.


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