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Carl Götz in Naumburg

17 years ago the former "Holzhandel Leipzig" was taken over by Carl Götz.
Employing only 13 members of staff and providing a limited range of goods, the branch has now developed to be one of the most efficient suppliers of timber in Southern Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony and Thuringia with 23 employees and a broad range of products.
Being a Thermopal leading dealer we can fulfil nearly every customer requirement. Our assortment of doors is wide-ranging just as our supply of constructional timber and sawn timber. In short, our customers find an extensive range of products, and goods that are not on stock can be provided within one week due to our exchange of goods within the so-called "centre rail".
Our vehicle fleet is able to deliver the goods to the customers in our area within one - two days.
With our in-house staff and our field sales force we always do our utmost to meet our customers' requirements. In keeping with the motto: "The service for our customers is our top priority".

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