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Carl Götz in Triefenstein

In 1971, when taking over a saw mill, the foundation stone of Carl Götz GmbH was laid in Trennfeld on the river Main.
The whole area of approx. 25,000 sq m comprises unsupported roofed storage space of about 12,000 sq m.
The product range offers all popular kinds of sawn timber, chamber dried in all common sizes. This includes glued rectangular timber for windows, glued-laminated timber and structural solid timber as well as planed timber, wood-fibre insulating boards, stair boards, glued wood and 3-layer panels, parquet, pre-fabricated doors, decorative chipboards, wood-core plywood and plywood.
Every day eight front resp. side stackers load eight lorries that provide more than 2,000 customers with our goods within a 200 km-radius.

A combined expertise of 52 employees is in charge of caring for our growing customer base. This is a symbol of our healthy business relationship.



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